Leisure is an open-source web-based playground for interactive editable documents
in orgmode format that provides what we call "Illuminated Programming". Leisure
documents are:

- modelssly editable (like Emacs!)
- interactive
- graphical
- web-based (zero install and can run out of a static web server)
- collaborative (both for editing and for applications)
- codetime/runtime modeless (the same environment for developing and running)

"Illuminated Programming" is our term for application, source code, and data, all rolled up into one interactive, collboratively editable document. A Leisure document might hide its code and data and appear to be just an app or it might present the code and data along with the app(s), like this game in the old version of Leisure does, or it might be mostly a document with interactive examples in it.

Screenshots: http://zot.github.io/Leisure/demo/screen.png

Current running version is http://zot.github.io/Leisure/
Current source is https://github.com/zot/Leisure
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